Applied Design

is simply that: the application of design in the real world. I design things that make life more livable— art, furniture, embellishments for your home, and public projects.  I alter public and private spaces. I create things in wood, metal, concrete and a host of other materials. You are a big part of my work: how you move through or interact with my designs is critical to their success. The point of intersection between you and my work is like the bright spark of the electric arc welder; at that point there is a synthesis of the tangible with the intangible. Applied design gives birth to new form not just by rote fabrication of  objects in the factory, but by how receptive that form is to the touch of your hand, the contemplation of your gaze or its ability to serve a designated function. Applied design is different from fine art in that touch and use are implicit to it’s form, although aesthetically it should still please the eye. Most of the images presented  here are from projects I completed to serve specific needs of clients, but they also serve my artistic needs for unique expression.

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